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FIABCI World President meets with Ukrainian chapter as part of official visit to Ukraine

FIABCI International World President Jordi Ribo Casanovas paid an official visit to Ukraine on October 20-21.

On October 21, the World President addressed the congress of the Ukrainian chapter of the International Real Estate Federation and stressed the 5 main goals he and his team set for themselves for the next 4-5 years.

These five goals will be included in the strategic plan that will be developed and presented at the World Congress in Paris:

1. Introduction of a platform for business and networking

2. Implementation of inclusive education policy

3. Promoting excellence and innovation in real estate

4. Organization of world and multi-format global world-class events

5. Development of global real estate consulting for the public and private sectors.

The leaders of the chapter also presented a traditional gift - an embroidered shirt! We are proud that the Ukrainian branch of the international federation has been named by the World President one of the best in the world, who sets the direction of the organization's development in the world.

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