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FIABCI-UKRAINE has elected new leaders for the next 2 years

On October 21, 2021, the regular reporting and election congress of FIABCI-Ukraine took place, at which a number of important decisions were made, including elections to the governing bodies.

The Congress heard the report of the President of the organization Dmitriy Kovganich, the Council, and the Audit Commission for 2020-2021. He considered it satisfactory and thanked the President's team for the work in his term.

After hearing the chapter development program for the next 2 years, congress elected Victoria Teslitskaya as the President of the chapter for 2021-2023.

Zoltan Rusanyuk was elected vice-president of the organization at the suggestion of the president.

Georgy Khioni (Georgy Khioni) was also elected Chairman of the Brokerage Committee and a member of the Board. Anna Koval and Olena Malenkova were elected as members of the Board accordingly.

Viktor Nesin, Sergei Frolov, Viktor Leshchinsky, Volodymyr Shalayev, and Honorary President Telman Abbasov were automatically considered as members of the board by their status of principal members.

Automatically, after the election of a new president, Dmytro Kovhanich also took the position of the Immediate Past-President in the Board.

Inna Perekrest was elected the Chairman of the Audit Commission.

Congratulations to the entire team of the newly elected Board headed by the chapter President Victoria Teslytska on the election! We wish you inspiration in achieving the set goals!

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