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Post-covid trends at the country house market - Olena Malenkova, FIABCI-Ukraine expert

We are launching the new section "Different Opinion: FIABCI-Ukraine Experts" .

In this section we will publish the expert opinions of our members on the development on the Ukrainian real estate market both locally and internationally.

Our first expert in this section will be Olena Malenkova (Олена Маленкова (Елена Маленкова)- a professional realtor and owner of a real estate agency with many years of experience. She has already shared her thoughts at her own page, therefore we make the repost of this opinion in English for your wider consideration and probably it will be interesting for the foreign investors to look closer to our Ukrainian market trends with the opportunities to get the interest.

Here are the expert thoughts of Olena Malenkova on the foreseen development of the local suburban real estate market:

* After the coronavirus, even those who postpone buying a country house or land lots will become more active market participants.

* Price IS NOT going to fall on:

- Plots in popular, picturesque, ecological and civilized (water, electricity, asphalt, internet, hospital, clinic) places;

- Buildings made of environmentally friendly, safe, modern, prefabricated structures, with the ability to change layouts depending on the time requirement;

- Buildings of 100-200m2 of modern design, built by 2015;

- Lodges and houses in gated cottages with their own infrastructure and security system.

* What is becoming the PRIORITY in the light of recent events:

- The distance between the cottages, the possibility of a technical fence, including the green one, became important;

- the Greenery;

- The ability to quickly reach the city, hospital, ambulance;

- It is a trend for one-story, functionally-designed building with light, lightweight interior design, smart homes and lawns that do not require additional manpower.

* What exactly falls in the price:

- Buildings of 300m2 or more, built up to 2008;

- rebuilt, reconstructed houses on the old foundation, with completed floors, terraces, etc;

- The big homesteads consisting of several structures, hunting lodges, houses for staff and everything that was in the trend of the "golden age";

- Silicate brick buildings;

- Buildings with the design of "heavy" classics, in dark colors, where in the interior are oak, mahogany, carved furniture, "pshonka-style" and more.

* What will I do with pleasure in the near future as a specialist:

- I will work on the new listings of the modern trendy cottage villages. There are already projects and ideas.

- I will look for the partnerships with investors and real estate developers who understand trends and evaluate expertise.

- ️ And of course, I will build the house for myself.