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Digitalization of Planet is what allows us to maintain resistance, - Rusmin Lawin, FIABCI-Indonesia

In frames of our new section “Different opinion: FIABCI global experts” we make the repost of the today’s review of our colleague and global real estate and proptech expert from Indonesia- Rusmin Lawin.

“We just have finished our Webinar on Proptech: The Future of Real Estate Development: An Asian perspective”

Organized by Innovatif + and FIABCI Asia Pacific

Link to the recording of the webinar here

This is our strong messages to all real estate stakeholders in the region:

❇️This corona pandemic will not disappear soon - so we have to find the ways to co-exist

❇️The coronavirus pandemic can be seen as a wake-up call to society at large, specifically the real estate leaders about how important technology and the digitalisation of the planet is what allows us to maintain resistance.

❇️Technologies including those advances in artificial intelligence, remote sensors and drones, service robots, remote engagement platforms and many more are now serving vital role in monitoring ‘lockdown’ situation, tracking the virus spread and maintaining communication between the authorities with their people.

❇️Covid-19, this unexpected problem reveals that the lack of investment in new technologies by our society;

❇️and the fact that our buildings, townships and cities are still not as digitalised as it should be to face that kind of disasters and that the need for smart cities is present and very real.”

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